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pkc Round Blades are available for all common Kebab / Gyros slicer brands such as TANDIR, CEYLAN, POTIS, DOST, UYAR ...
In order to maintain the cutting quality of the knife, pkc also offers appropriate sharpening tools.

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The advantages of pkc Premium

Cutting with a blunt knife ain't no fun. The following steps, such as cleaning the knife, resharpening it and cleaning it again will be repeated many times. Those steps will hold you back and will decrease your efficiency during core hours.

Using pkc Round Blades in Premium quality the cutting edge lifespan is siginificantly increased and resharpening intervals are extented immensely. User experience confirms that with proper use and correct resharpening, you can cut plenty more meat until the next resharpening and you also gain up to 50% in durability.

Ideal conditions - more results
Removal of material
(per resharpening process)
Resharpening procedures
daily meat quantities 
maximum cutting capacity
80mm Classic 0.05 - 0.3 (0.3  inexperienced grinding) 160* 20 3.200
80mm Premium 0.05 - 0.3 (0.3 inexperienced grinding) 160* 35-40 5.600 - 6.400
120mm Classic 0.05 - 0.3 (0.3 inexperienced grinding) 240* 30 7.200
120mm Premium 0.05 - 0.3 (0.3 inexperienced grinding) 240* 52-60 12.400 - 14.400

*considering the correct usage especially regarding the resharpening of the knife, theoretical value. Please bear in mind that removing too much material during the resharpening procedure will reduce the blades lifespan.  

CLASSIC - Round Blade

The most widely used knife steel in Germany is characterised by good edge retention and optimal resharpening. Round blades made of this material are therefore perfect for snack bars and restaurants with small to medium daily meat quantities. Resharpening is comparatively easy to do.

  • perfect cutting result 
  • highest regrinding quality
  • good cutting performance 
  • high resistance to corrosion 
Material chrome molybdenum steel
Material reference number 1.4116
Hardness scale (Rockwell) 57 - 58 HRC

PREMIUM - Round Blade 

This Premium knife steel with as high degree of hardness combines exceptional cutting performance with good resharpening qualities. The perfect choice for snack bars and restaurants with larger daily meat quantities. The resharpening procedure should be done using a manual diamond file or a professional resharpening tool. 

  • perfect cutting result 
  • high regrinding quality
  • best cutting performance 
  • highest resistance to corrosion 
Material chrome molybdenum steel
Material reference number 1.4112
Hardness scale (Rockwell) 59 - 60 HRC

Simple, flexible, innovative - pkc universal Round Blades

The market is flooded with traders and various types of Round Blades. Here at pkc we want to keep it simple and offer you universal applicable Round Blades for Kebab / Gyros slicers branded by all well-known manufacturers. For most common slicer models all you need to know is the blade diameter and your desired blade shape depending on your choice of meat composition. The pkc icons show you all compatible slicer models. Fit and precision guaranteed!

Your expectations, pkc standard


Cutting made easy with the pkc Round Blades. 

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